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Commissioned Work


Freelance work done for clients.

Bently Hobs
Bently Hobs - Character Sketch
Tim the Librarian
Dreams Come True
Metallurgent - Ragno B1 (Camo Version)
Metallurgent - Ragno B1 (Rollout Version)
Mouse Tinkerer
Ship's Cook
Metallurgent - Winter Assault
Sring Kitay 2
Sring Kitay 1
Orc Investigator
Dark Ritual
Black Devil
Black Devil (Helmet Ver.)
Holy Spell
The Captain's Quarters
Novel Cover
Sezashi - Character Design
Mittelalter Rock! - Studio Version
Mittelalter Rock! - Acoustic
Shock and Awe
Mouse Tinkerer
Avian Miner
The Duplimancer
Cloud Serpent's Protection
Icon Set
Tiberian Commando
Sunset on the Golden Age
Garlean Marshal
Ghoul Assault
Lady of the Great Synthesis
Lady of the Great Synthesis - Concept
Lady of the Great Synthesis - Final Design
Pluto Compleat
Character Sheet - Pluto
Design Sheet - Pluto Compleat
Violent Struggle
Violent Struggle (Helmetless Alt.)
Piltover Protector
Black Ops Trooper
Black Ops Trooper (Open Face Ver.)
Black Ops Trooper (Balaclava Ver.)
Cave Confusion
Darktide Veteran
Arklay 1998 (Alt. Version)
Arklay 1998
Character Showcase
King of the Mountain
Magical Girl Lalorna
Night Adventurers
The Champion
Tiberium War (Helm Version)
Tiberium War
Blue Mage
Raiders of the Blood Moon
Eternal War (Helm Version)
Eternal War
Battle Ready (Helm Version)
Battle Ready
Night at the Beach
Tip of the Spear (Helm Version)
Tip of the Spear
Vaalin, Spectator of Moments
Character Sheet - Kasamir
Viridian Warrior
Character Sheet - Blacksmith
Dungeon Delver
The Virtuous
The Dragon's Hoard
Cold Dread
Key of Ijzeria - Tornado Kick
Key of Ijzeria - Forbidding Winds
Luna, Star Scholar
Lord of Dark Waters
Dragon Warrior
Mastery of Nature
Character Sheet- Jesse James
Jesse James - Rapier Designs
Jesse James - Outfit Designs
Jesse James - Mask Designs
Arboreal Relaxation
Summon the Allosaurus
Character Sheet - Najima
Ritual of Entropic Fire
D&D for Equality- Circle of Hoarfrost
D&D for Equality- Microdrone
D&D for Equality - Maorin Character
D&D for Equality - Dawnpelt Setting
D&D for Equality - Duskhide Setting
D&D for Equality - Maorin Ideation
Blood Moon
Character Sheet - Nuru
Character Sheet - Damos
Autumnal Kiss
Commission - Pandora
Commission - 'Capitaine' Avatar
Commission - Pik, the Warlock
Commission - Laguna, the Designer
Commission - Valarie
Commission - Furnix
Commission - DJ
Commission - Ciel
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